5 Ways Casinos Separate You From Your Hard-Earned Money


1. There is such thing as free booze.

Casinos know that alcoholic drinks are more likely to keep the players at the tables, or spending
more money on slots. Go easy on these drinks. Playing online casino games in Thailand is
exciting, but don’t mix it with booze. You should be able to think clearly, and make sound
decisions while playing.

2. Be very careful on who you learn from.

A lot of casinos, even online gambling platforms, provide free lessons and tutorials on how to
play games. However, keep in mind that casinos don’t have incentives to school players on bets
and chances of winning. The best advice? Read an informative online material or book. That
way, you can learn new casino strategies to understand and implement better betting options.

3. The airport is not the best place to gamble.

If you are at the airport, feeling dehydrated and tired while waiting for your next flight, fight the
urge to gamble. There are tons of slot machines hanging out at this place, but don’t do it! Those
slot machines have the worst payout percentages in the area. Just save your money for your next trip.

4. Don’t reach for cash advance on your credit card.

Don’t let your irresponsible behavior lead to lasting financial blunders. Never use your credit
card in order to get cash advances. Chasing bad bets using a credit card is obviously not good, so it’s best to leave and do something else. This will help you take your mind off things. Just go
back to the casino once you already know how to manage your bankroll well.

5. Chips don’t appear like real money.

The person who invented the game of poker is smart, but the one who invented the chip is more
of a genius. We all agree that there is something special about those colorful, interesting chips.
They don’t appear like real money, right? As a result, they are easier to risk than genuine money,
and casinos know it. Some even collect these, and take them all home like souvenirs.


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