6 Vital New Trends for Mobile App Development


6 Vital New Trends for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Trends

With so many applications out there, one can only classify them so that people will download only the best ones. There are some shady apps that try to mask their true intentions, but ask you for way too many permissions. Then, there are also those apps that are okay- nothing too flashy, nothing too memorable, but it is “enough”.

Obviously, people would want the best apps out there. They want one that has a good and easy to navigate user interface, they also want one that has many amazing features, and they want to have something that is rock solid and stable.

So in this article, I will talk about the vital new trends for mobile app development to give you some ideas on how you can create your future applications especially for the application developer.

1. Desktop-Mobile Integration

6 Vital New Trends for Mobile App DevelopmentThere are some services like Facebook, for example, that have good and seamless integration with their desktop and mobile applications.

For instance, if the person changes any setting on the desktop version of the popular social media platform, those changes can also be reflected in the mobile version of the app as well. Give people the freedom and flexibility to use either platform by allowing the information to sync on both devices.

2. Improved Security

Mobile applications have the ability to either entertain people or it can also be used for transactional purposes as well.

Since people can use it to transact with businesses, it has become mandatory for all app developers to ensure that their apps become secure from hackers and malware.

3. Cloud Service Integration

When people would access files on their smartphones, they have to use either the phone’s internal memory or external storage like an SD card. However, those things can fill up too quickly.

So, in order for your users to be happy, you have to use cloud services. Such services would allow your users to access their data anywhere.

4. Use APIs for Faster App Development

The use of Application Programming Interfaces or APIs has become a thing. The reason why it has become popular is that it makes the app development process much faster and more seamless than ever before.

Aside from that, you can implement a lot of features that you want as the core libraries and modules of this generation’s development frameworks have become more robust than the previous ones.

5. Always Make Your App Useful<

6 Vital New Trends for Mobile App DevelopmentFor an app to become loved by the community, it has to solve a particular need. For instance, food delivery apps have provided much-needed convenience that customers need if they want to order food in a restaurant.

Uber has also solved the need for a taxi as you can take advantage of its carpooling feature. No matter what features you end up including in your app, make sure that it is useful for the end user.

6. Good Design

An application that has poor design and a hard to navigate user interface will always end up getting uninstalled. Do not overlook this aspect.

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