How Color Psychology Can Impact Web Design


Psychology is the study of the human mind and how it functions. It has a lot of branches and there is commonly a specific theme in each area of expertise.

Color psychology is just a branch of behavioral psychology and it is a pretty interesting area. This is basically the study of how colors can affect our view of the world.

Color can be used in just about anything, but for the purpose of this article, I am only going to be talking about it in the context of web design.

That being said, how can color psychology impact website design? This is based on the thoughts of the web design services.

Colors Should Be Used to Attract the Right Audience

Did you know that there is a difference between the color preferences of both men and women? According to a survey, women actually prefer the colors green, purple, and blue. Contrary to popular belief, Pink is not something that women would choose by default (even though we deem it as a color of femininity).

On the other hand, if you want to attract a predominantly male audience, you should use colors that are either black, green, and blue. Using other colors such as brown, purple, and orange will not bode well for the male community.

Blue Breeds Trust

When you look at most banking websites and even some social media platforms, you will see that the color blue is predominantly used. It has been said that Blue is the color that breeds trust and it is also associated with peace, loyalty, and order.

Yellow Signals Caution

Have a short drive around your city and look for different warning signs. Do you spot anything that is common among them? Well, you might notice that they all have a yellow background accompanied by a black-colored text.

Studies show that yellow signals caution and restraint. Although the color yellow can also stimulate excitement and joy, the same color can also invite other intense emotions such as sadness and anger.

Although these claims would still require further study, it is probably safe to assume that you should use yellow as a color to signal caution or warning.

Orange Can Send an Impulse

If you look closely at one of the most successful retail websites, Amazon, you will notice that their “Add to Cart” button has an orange background. This is because orange is deemed as a color that stimulates an impulse. In the case of Amazon, it signifies the “impulse” to buy the product that they’re currently looking at.

The color orange is your best friend if you own a business website. Your call to action button or something with a similar function should be colored orange so that it can stimulate the impulse for people to buy immediately without any delay.


Color Psychology is a pretty interesting field as it tells us that color can indeed evoke and stimulate some of our primal instincts. Who would’ve thought that blue can breed trust right off the bat, right? So, careful use of these colors on your website is key if you want people to take notice and action.

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