How to Use Facebook as a Marketing Platform to Promote Your Event?



Facebook is arguably one of the largest social media platforms in the world. In fact, there are more than a billion active users using the platform.

How do you leverage using Facebook as a marketing tool to help promote your upcoming top event management companies in world? Read on to find out.

1. Make a Page

The very first step is to actually create a dedicated page for your upcoming event. You could create a company account or you can even create an event page using your own personal account as well.

Make the page as detailed as possible- highlighting all of the information that people will need such as what the event is about, the time, and also where it is going to be held.

Facebook has this option that will help notify you how many people are attending which is a good way for you to prepare beforehand.

2. Time for Running the Ad

Much like marketing your event using traditional methods, you have to create the event page at least 2 months prior. This is so that you will have enough time to let the people join in just before the occasion.

3. Set a Budget

You can now create a sponsored ad on Facebook, but in order for you to broadcast it on a frequent basis, you have to pay them a fee every day.

You have to decide for how long you want your page to be promoted by the platform itself because it might be too costly for you.

Still, you can have the platform boost your page from time to time and having it do a sponsored ad every single day is not necessary.

4. Paste It On Your Personal Page

If you have your own personal account on Facebook, you can also share the link to your event page as well by posting it on your timeline.

Make sure the post is set to “Public” so that people can just easily share it with their peers and hopefully, you can gain more coverage by doing so.

5. Get as Many People as You Can

One question that is often asked by event planners is if they will target a specific group of people or do they want to invite the general public?

The ideal answer would be to target both. You want many people to know about your event so that you will have a lot of attendees.

And, if there are a lot of attendees, it can be a perfect opportunity for your company and your sponsors to gain more traction (that is why you want to promote your event on a popular social media platform in the first place, right?).

6. When Do You Stop?

At some point, you have to stop running the ad. The perfect time to stop running the ad would be the midnight on the day of the actual event. However, you could end it earlier if your budget doesn’t allow this.





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