Myths and Facts on Predicting the Gender of Your Baby


Are you excited to shop for baby clothes and accessories? You would enjoy shopping for baby milk bottles and baby strollers in Malaysia. But, how will you know which color combinations to settle with? Are you willing to purchase items in neutral colors so you can decorate your baby nursery as soon as possible?

Several couples prefer to wait nine months before finding out the gender of their baby. Some are thrilled, and are overwhelmed with excitement that they themselves try to predict their baby’s sex.

Below are some of the most common reasons why some parents might want to find their baby’s sex ahead of time.

1.To monitor congenital diseases.

Some find it out in advance to track the baby’s health. Some diseases are prevalent in girls or boys. This extends to more than just finding out the gender, though. Specific genetic testing must also be done.

2.Hoping to bond more with the baby.

Of course, the more you know about your baby, the closer you will be even before he or she arrives.

3.Plain Curiosity.

Well, not all people love surprises! You want to know because you are curious. That is all.

4.Purchasing baby clothes, and planning the nursery.

Of course, in order to plan for these things, you would need to know the gender of your little one.

5.To plan gender reveal parties.

Gender reveal parties are getting more and more popular these days. If you planning to have one, as well as a baby shower, then you would need to know the sex of your kid ahead of time, so you can share it with your loved ones on a special event.

6.You have a strong preference for one gender.

If you really want a baby girl (or a boy), waiting to know the gender until birth is really difficult.

Not all parents want to know the gender of their baby ahead of time. At times, one parent would want to know, while the other doesn’t. Below are some of the reasons why other parents wait until birth to know the little one’s sex.

-Traditional or religious beliefs. Other people believe that finding out the sex of the baby before birth is bad luck, and that it can interfere with God’s plans. If your family has strict traditional customers, you may want to wait until birth to know it.
-You want to be surprise. For some parents, the element of surprise is more thrilling compared to the curiosity.
-Worry about gender disappointment. Others would want to delay the gender reveal because they are scared of disappointment.


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