The Main Advantages of Responsive Web Design and How to Choose the Right Color for It


The Main Advantages of Responsive Web Design and How to Choose the Right Color for It

How To Design The Best Website?

Mobile users have taken over the digital space. In fact, more than 75% of the internet population are accessing the medium with the use of a smartphone or other portable devices such as tablets, smart watches, etc.

That being said, every website owner should make it a point to have their websites be optimally viewed on any device no matter the screen size and the resolution.

This is where responsive web design services comes into play. This just makes it so that any content on any webpage can be viewed well on practically any device that is used to access it.

If you are still not convinced as to why you should use responsive web design, here are just some of its advantages:

1. Helps People Consume Content on Your Website

The Main Advantages of Responsive Web Design and How to Choose the Right Color for ItResponsive Design makes it so that any form of content on your website- may it be pure text or videos- can be seen optimally on a portable device as well.

This also means that people can readily consume any form of content on your website with ease, thus improving your time on site.

2. It Helps Increase Your Conversion Rate

If your website is a combination of a blog and an e-commerce platform, employing responsive web design will increase your conversion rate manifold.

3. It Helps You Reduce the Costs

Back in the day, a business owner would have to create both a desktop and a mobile version of their websites to cater to the vast majority of the public. However, with responsive design, you only have to create one website for both users. Thus, allowing you to reduce the costs and save more money.

4. Search Engines Favor Website with Responsive Design

Because there are more mobile users now more than ever before, Google and other search engine giants are now making it a point to include mobile-friendliness as part of their criteria for search engine optimization.

Which Colors to Choose When Designing Your Website?

Now that you know the importance and the advantages of responsive web design, what colors should you choose to vastly improve the aesthetics of your website? Here are some suggestions:

The Main Advantages of Responsive Web Design and How to Choose the Right Color for It

  • Monochrome-This is where you choose only one dominant color and you utilize its different tones and hues to create that dramatic effect. No matter what color you end up using, make sure that your call to action button still stands out.
  • Complementary-This is where you utilize different colors that match. For instance, you can use blue and orange as they’re both contrasting yet complementary colors. This is by far the best color option you can implement when thinking about the aesthetics of your e-commerce website.
  • Analogous-This is where you will use colors that are directly linked to each other or are in the same league in the color wheel. For example, you can use yellow, yellow-green, yellow-orange, etc. This is probably the weakest color scheme to use among the three, but it is still a viable option, granted that you use colors that resemble your brand.
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