“Why Should Gambling Be Banned?”


Legal gambling as well as online casino is mostly controlled or managed by various government bodies. A lot of governments have earned revenue from online lotteries, slots, and jackpots. Most of these systems are however highly vulnerable to fraud. It is also practiced in those areas where it is deemed illegal. Declaring it unlawfully can not stop people from doing so. The following are the main reasons for banning gambling. Gambling in various parts of the world is one of the fastest growing industries. Many companies are addicted to the high revenue that comes from lotteries and Indian gambling.

Legalized gambling is viewed as one of the harmless forms of entertainment. It is an industry that has attracted a lot of people to it after having gained money and having fun. It is harmful and addictive to unregulated gambling. Besides, other people would avoid illegal gambling. Legalizing it has inspired people to play some who wouldn’t play if it weren’t legalised. Legalizing gambling has also inspired illegal gambling activities.

  • This hurts poor people

The Researcher show the gambling sometimes kills and hurts. This has impacted the economically vulnerable and the disabled. If this type of activity was not allowed, you would not find any platform that promotes casinos, lotteries and other online betting types. Such sites ended up taking advantage of marginalized people in the community.

  • This sets State double standards

Many governments have increased State lotteries taxes. Legalized gambling is one of the perplexing policies of the government. The goal of a good government should be to promote desirable traits within its citizens. It should cease to seduce them into playing. This has ended up raising the level of corruption in the society. Legalization of this form of entertainment is seen as one of the bad social policies. Raising money exploiting individuals’ greed and stupidity is immoral.
It is estimated the number of compulsive gamblers is around 12 million. Such people have become extremely difficult to reform. Furthermore, through this practice, gamblers were losing a lot of money. A compulsive gambler has a debt of about USD 80,000 on average.


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